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به‌گزارش گروه رسانه‌های خبرگزاری رها به نقل از مجلّه شبانه باشگاه خبرنگاران، در این خبر می توانید تصاویر صفحه اول روزنامه‌های سیاسی، اجتماعی و ورزشی روز دوشنبه کشور را ببینید:

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  1. You seem so unafraid, unashamed and so sure about life. I wish I could get to that stage in my life where I could be unafraid, unashamed and so sure. Would you mind being my mentor? I’m still 28 and just recently married with many emotional scars (many imagined – I feel, but still hurtful) that I haven’t fully recovered from and leave me awkward with people and social situations. Would love to contact you through email if that’s possible. Only if you don’t mind that is. =0)Take care and God Bless You…

  2. nao concordo contigo miguel com respeito a guita’pois nos varios escaloes devemos ter mais ou menos 10 atletas,equipa tecnica mais uns 5,depois empregados da federaçao(secretarias’tesoureiros e resto da comitiva mais uns 12)o que da um total mais ou menos de 27 pessoas que estam a comer a custa de todos nos.portanto temos uma grande seleçao. P.S este ano è capaz de ficar um pouco mais barato pois à là um deles que costuma levar uma carrinha da seleçao para vender pinturas e comprar outras reliquias.lol

  3. En allemand, les « Hundetage » (les jours du chien) sont une période de l’été (je ne sais plus au juste laquelle) durant laquelle les températures sont en général particulièrement élevées et qui se caractérise par le fait que Sirius (Alpha Canis) est à l’ horizon.Le mot « canicule » a la même origine. En russe, « kanikula » veut dire … les grandes vacances.

  4. Oui il échappe à une mise en examen, mais témoin assisté signifie tout de même qu’il a eu un rôle dans cette affaire. Mais cette situation ne lève en rien les soupçons d’un financement occulte par la milliardaire, ni le fait que le femme de Woerth travaillait pour elle. Eclaboussé par l’explosion de l’UMP et cette histoire, sale semaine pour le Sarkozysme!

  5. The very crux of your writing while sounding agreeable in the beginning, did not work very well with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you actually were able to make me a believer but just for a very short while. I however have got a problem with your leaps in assumptions and you would do well to help fill in those breaks. If you actually can accomplish that, I will undoubtedly end up being impressed.

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  7. Backwards divsion? Really? Are you really that ignorant? (dividing 143.8/520,000 would have given you 0.000277 — far cry from even $2.77). Either you really are ignorant — thus I understand your inability to understand these benefits or you were craftily counting on the ignorance of your assumed readers. Only surprised you had the wherewithal and will to correct your article.

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  10. John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton. All cheat on their wives, but as long as they are “sorry”, the media forgives them. It’s a “personal matter” anyway. I wonder what women think of that! N.O.W. are liberal first, women second. A republican woman doesn’t exist in their eyes.

  11. Ele disse que é possível ultrapassar em 4 curvas, porém disse também que fora do traçado a pista deve estar muito escorregadia devido ao recém-colocado asfalto. Assim ultrapassar deve ser mais difícil do que Tilke imagina. Quem se aventurará a forçar uma ultrapassagem fora do traçado? Tarefa para Kobayashi? Sim.

  12. Ae Ico, estou aguardando o podcast!E dou um lance aqui: Raikkonen não iria reiniciar na corrida nem ferrando, acho que ele ficou puto com a agada da equipe dos pneus de chuva e pensou “Reinício é o aralho, vocês já agaram na minha corrida, vou colocar minha bermuda, meu boné r0x, pegar meu picolé e minha Coca e dar uns picotes na gostosa…”

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  14. January 13, 2010 at 02:02Interesting writing. Interesting self analysis. I trust you to keep that Indian-ness intact. Do you play english/canadian music on your Indian sitar ? Like Gandhi ji said, Keep your door open to take the good from others but dont forget your own roots.Whats happening now after MBA? Write that in an email. Enjoy and Take care. Reply

  15. Nessuno ha pensato che può essere stata fatta da un innamorato respinto? Disperato per essere stato scaricato e/o cornificato, ha preso una foto della sua bella, e ha creato questa che per tutti noi è una bufala tranne che per lui. In fondo è vero: E’ SCOMPARSA… Sì ma dalla sua vita! Se fosse così, chiunque sia stato, veramente geniale e imbecille! Come minimo dovrebbe farci sapere se l’ha riconquistata!

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  17. Man kokar grötris som man sedan blandar med vispgrädde och socker och eventuellt vanilj, sen kan man ha i riven mandel om man vill. Alltså, man har ingen risgrynsgröt. Sen är en bärsås eller plommonkompott eller liknande gott att ha till, liksom apelsiner, som då givetvis ska vara filéade. Vad jag förstått hade man inte apelsiner i när man började med ris a la malta.

  18. You did! You're like Amway-meets-”An Inconvenient Truth.” And I thank you for it. Here's the thing with button-downs: very few look right on me, because I don't have a very long neck. They make it look that much shorter. Now, as for white linen pants…you're kidding, right? You wanna make me anorexic?

  19. Cet aéroport est la seule bonne décision pour la région . Ceux qui sont contre ne pensent pas au développement et aux emplois créés , ce sont des parisiens bien loin ou dans la region des gens , sans pb avec leur banquier , qui utilisent ceux qui ont du mal à réfléchir ….

  20. Konstatine- You are definetely not alone in spreading the love brother, all the way coming at us from Greece. Hey man, how is the economy now? I keep hearing some bad news out of Greece when it comes to the economy but know this, this is the way it is supposed to be. The walls of the 3rd dimension are crumbling down all over our world and this is a good thing as it makes way for our new world.welcome aboard my friend.

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  22. I find this topic fascinating, not least because I work at WP where several writers can all be published into the same series under a pseudonym. Do the books have less value because the name on the cover isn't a real person? Author names can be used to intrigue, becoming part of the fiction. Gender-neutral JK Rowling anyone? Readers want to create a fantasy figure author as well as invest in the story on the page. I always feel slightly apologetic about my real name. It's so … dull. Perhaps I should invent an exciting pseudonym?

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  25. LOL… es como cierto joven académico y auto-denominado intelectual de cierto blog por aquí, que cuando me burlé de sus pifias matemáticas (como separar los decimales de 4 en 4 y decir que un número elevado a la ‘quincuagésima raíz de 18’ resulta en algo muy grande) se resumió en decirme que yo no entendía el surrealismo.Ya ví la excusa perfecta. Cuando diga una burrada extrema y alguien me diga que me pelé el culo, saldré diciendo que estaba siendo surrealista.Ah, sí… el “artista” este es alemán. Ya lo ví, excusas aprendidas en Alemania :-)

  26. Cher Jacques (11h05)Oui, au fond c »est cela : il a gagné en liberté d’expression.D’accord Bouguereau (11h20) mais dans ce cas, si on enseigne tout cela dans les écoles de commerces, pourquoi d’autres (écrivains confirmés) ne suivent-ils pas la même voie ? Serait-ce parce qu’ils ont besoin d’un éditeur ? (promo, élagage livre etc.)Belg-grec : ça va la vie en ce moment ?La question serait de savoir, cher Passouline, pourquoi ces éditeurs soutiennent Nabe ?Raisons professionnelles, ou bien ?

  27. je viens de lire quelques uns de vos articles, vous êtes tristes, vous vous arrêtez à tout ce qui vous choque, l’accord des participes, quelquefois un mauvais terme employé, le fond est toujours plus important que la forme (même si je défends la langue française).Je n’ai rien vu de positif en vous lisant.Faites participer les autres avec vos connaissances mais d’une manière un peu plus vivante et joyeuse.Le monde ira mieux et vous remerciera.A bientôt.

  28. I played Baxter Creek with my travelling group and we will definitely be back!! The course conditions were second to none! I do agree that those waste bunkers didn’t seem to fit the property. The greens rolled true and quick, the fairways were lush and I didn’t mind the design….including the 15th hole. The 17th is a little goofy but the 19th Beer hole makes up for it!All in all I found good value for the buck!!

  29. Lieber Michael:Du hast ja so recht: Timologie (auch Axiologie ) kommt bekanntlich vom griechischen Wort αξια (Wert) und bezeichnet in der Sprachforschung die Bewertung von Sprachen, versucht also im Rahmen der Sprachbewertung die “Leistung” einzelner Sprachen zu bestimmen und setzt sie der Sprachkritik aus. Sie hat also, wie ich ja meistens auch, sozusagen immer das letzte Wort…

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  39. Avant d’en connaître la provenance, cette mystérieuse accumulation de lumière en mouvement dans le ciel a suscité bien des commentaires chez les « 4-5-0- » de la Montérégie…On a eu beau plaisanter entre nous en évoquant un phénomène cosmique ou astronomique paranormal ou même le film E.T., le mystère était total. Et on a aussi cru que l’aéroport de Saint-Hubert procédait à des tests. Mais comme ça se répétait tous les soirs à peu près à la même heure…Un gros merci donc, pour cette belle application créative dans le ciel de Montréal !

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  41. Michelle Mendes comentou em 7 de janeiro de 2011 às 08:07. JuliaaaaaVocê viu a cerimônia de posse da Presidente Dilma?!?!?!?Nessa cerimônia a esposa do Vice-Presidente Michel Temer, estava usando uma trança lindaaaa no cabelo! !!Adoraria que vc há fizesse algum dia aqui ! ! É um luxo ! !Vale a pena, se não viu, conferir ! !BjimmmObs: Já dei outros palpites aqui e vc nunca me atendeu, mas esse tenho certeza que irá gostar! !

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  44. I’m behind, so this comment covers the previous 5 or 6 posts, K? I, too, could never do a gratitude journal (too much cynicism here too) but I do try and cultivate the attitude. Oh my; how that sounds. You know what I mean. And the sound of the first alarm would ruin my day too, but I’m not working full time so I don’t get up before them. Still, the few times it’s happened…

  45. a51561d1Thanks for links. La moyenne du 50% central des personnes est une bonne base, mais il ne faut pas oublier les extrêmes, qui devraient être ramenées un peu plus au centre … la difficulté est de donner des limites acceptables, on donne bien un SMIC (min.) il faudrait aussi un SMAC (max.). Ceci dit, je vois mieux ou est la difficulté de remonter dans le passé, il faudrait donc comparer le 50% de centre, mais aussi le 5% des extrêmes …34745

  46. I’m really just trying to finish it. At the moment I’m jumping from one bit to another it doesn’t yet feel like a novel more a collection of scenes roughly shaped together.I’m currently writing two novels and have been finding myself stealing ideas from one to use in the other (plagiarising myself?), basically I’m a jumbled mess with no direction, no concrete endings planned. With this being the first draft, I also have that nauseating feeling of the editing process looming over me and perhaps I’m subconsciously dittering about – postponing the inevitable.That is on days when I even work up the motivation to do some writing.

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  50. Jesus H Christ! Oh my living God! Ebonyi state which is the one of the poorest states in Nigeria to be so callously raped by this animal is unbeleivable. I know how some small boys in Enugu ripped bountifully from inflated contracts that they did not perform in Abakiliki, especially those Nwandu boys, one they call Emeka should be investigated. I know he must have launder money for Egwu as he did for another one-time crook of the Nigeria Army, Gen. Malu who buy him Navigator jeep and Mercedes s/class.

  51. If you listen to Muslims, they use a lot of explicitly Marxist rhetoric. It's collectivist mentality melds nicely with the collectivist mentality of Islam.I think this is true. I spent 2.5 yrs working with Muslims in the UK. Many, possibly most, were NOT members of the union [which is left wing and very politically correct]. They refuse to join. I assumed it was because they disagreed with the unions views. But I was surprised by how similar [and often identical] their views were.

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  54. oh my i don't know what i'm envying most. the kitties looking sooooooo comfy or your new camera! probably the camera :) lucky you. sorry you got confused about my blog…i was all over the place for a while but i settled on 2 blogs on wordpress, a 365 and a flower/nature, and kept my blogger blog for everyday life…my photos were completely taking over my blog, and i've run out of space on it so until i upgrade i'm posting very little there.

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